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This is a place to discuss the development _of_ Python (not development _with_ Python). If you're new to Python's development process, please read the devguide.

Topic titles and messages with text prefixed with PEP-, bpo-, GH-, or 40 character commit hashes will become links automatically.

The overall instance has been left fairly open so that others can create streams, add bots, etc. As this has not become an official part of Python's development infrastructure we are still figuring things out, so feel free to do things as you think makes the most sense to see what trends/practices emerge (we can go through and delete things later).

All users of this service -- just like all participants in Python's development -- are expected to adhere to the PSF Code of Conduct. If you believe someone is contravening the CoC, please privately message the @admins.

You need an invitation to join this organization.