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All openings are remote, or partially in-person in our San Francisco, CA office.

How we work

Open source. The Zulip software is 100% free and open source. We're an open-source project first, and we’re building a sustainable business as a means to support the project's growth and long-term future. We provide the same open-source code to our largest customers as to anyone with git clone. We get paid by enterprises for support, and by smaller companies using our rapidly-growing hosted service.

Open project. The Zulip project is one where people really do show up through the Internet and start making real changes. That doesn’t happen by accident; it takes work and thoughtfulness. Most of us work remotely, and we discuss our code and our plans in public, in writing, primarily asynchronously, using Zulip and GitHub.

Inclusive community. The Zulip community is made up of a mixture of volunteers and professionals from all walks of life. Diversity is one of our strengths, and we strive to be a community that welcomes and supports people of all backgrounds and identities from anywhere in the world.

Globally distributed. Our company is headquartered in San Francisco, CA, but like our community, we work from around the world. Our roles are open to all applicants without regard for location.

Maintainable software. Great software over time depends on a team’s shared understanding of a system and how to change it, as much as on the code itself. Beyond writing our code so it works today, we put equal effort into writing code, tests, comments, commit history, and documentation clearly, to share with each other and future contributors our understanding of how and why it works, so we can build on it tomorrow.

What we're building

People working together need to communicate with their teammates, and they also need to tune out the conversation to get work done. Teams tired of wasting time in meetings move discussion to email; tired of waiting all day for email replies, move to a team chat like Slack or IRC; and then team chat becomes an always-on meeting, leaving people constantly distracted, missing out on important conversations, or both.

Zulip is reinventing chat so teams can accomplish more together. We've created a place where a conversation can shift seamlessly from the immediacy of chat to the reply-whenever efficiency of email, and back; where you can participate in the conversations that matter to you and efficiently tune out the rest, no matter whether you're there in real time, coming online after a morning hard at work, or returning from a vacation away from it.

Open positions

To apply for an open position, please send your resume and a brief cover letter (which can be in the body of your email) to Your cover letter should explain what makes you excited about working at Zulip in the role you're applying for. Applications without a cover letter will not be considered.

Senior Flutter Engineer

We're building the next generation of Zulip's mobile apps in Flutter. We're looking for a senior engineer with Flutter experience to join our small core team and help define the future of team chat. Our Flutter prototype is just a few months old, so this is a greenfield opportunity to help shape the app's architecture from early on.

We take an "upstream first" approach: when we find problems in Flutter itself, we make fixes upstream for the whole community. Our upstream work so far has already led to one of our team being recognized as a Flutter core contributor.

For this role, we expect a candidate to have substantial software engineering experience, and at least some experience with Flutter.

This job is remote, or partially in-person in our San Francisco, CA office.

We'd especially like to get to know you if:

  • You love giving a code review, and love receiving one. We’re an open-source project welcoming contributions from people with a wide range of experience.
  • You communicate with clarity and precision. You’ll be doing this a lot in code, comments, code reviews, and chat conversations. We care about this almost as much as your technical skills.
  • You can empathize with the many different types of users who rely on Zulip, and see the product from their perspective — and do the same thing for the project's contributors.

You will:

  • Take responsibility for large, yet-unwritten, areas of Zulip's new Flutter mobile app: design the architecture and write the code, while collaborating with the rest of our small mobile team.
  • Diagnose and fix bugs small and large and across several layers of our stack, including spelunking in Flutter itself and third-party dependencies to find the best possible solution.
  • Work upstream with Flutter and other dependencies, by crafting actionable bug reports and easy-to-merge pull requests to get issues that affect Zulip fixed.
  • Work directly with Zulip’s product and design leads to add new Zulip features in our Flutter app.
  • Share your expertise (both newly-acquired and longstanding) with the rest of the team, through short- and long-form written communication.
  • Write primarily Dart, with some Kotlin and Swift as needed. No previous Kotlin or Swift experience is required.

Extra credit for any of the following:

  • You have extensive software engineering experience, with deep expertise in mobile development, in reactive UIs, or in Flutter.
  • You have significant experience as a technical lead for your team, including designing systems and collaborating to get them built, coaching people in writing high-quality code, and other aspects of technical leadership.
  • You have the UI design skills to spot where a UI can be improved; better yet, to design a better one.
  • You have contributed to open-source projects; better yet, maintained a project and helped many people contribute to it.

Learn more about how we work, or apply by sending your resume and a brief cover letter explaining what makes you excited about this role to

How to apply for a job

You can email us at with your resume.